About the ZBA

Decisions made by village administrative personnel, most commonly the Code Enforcement Officer’s denial of a building permit, may be brought before the ZBA. The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) conducts public hearings for the purpose of considering and approving or denying applications for appeals. The applicant may appeal the decision by applying for a/an:

Use Variance – This would allow a use of property, which is not otherwise allowed in the Village Zoning Code. Area Variance – This provides for relief from dimensional requirements of the Village Zoning Code. Code Interpretation – The ZBA may make an interpretation of a specific section of the code after an administrative official has made a decision based upon that section.

The Zoning Law and all village codes can be viewed at General Code.

ZBA Board Members

John Almekinder, Chairman

Joan Luther, Board Member
Bob Bashford, Board Member
Joe Kovalovsky, Board Member


Lynn Lersch, Clerk

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ZBA Application Form