Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM and Friday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Additional hours are worked to accommodate service needs such as weekend testing or water line break repair. The physical address, or "Village barn," is located at 8 Mark Circle.

Mark Circle is just North of Five Star Bank on South Main Street. The Village “barn” (public works building) is the third building on the South side of Mark Circle.


Water Treatment, Testing and System Maintenance
Annual Water Quality Report and System Description
          Part 1
          Part 2 
Coin-Operated Water Station – across from the barns on Mark Circle
Final Water Meter Read For Property Sale
New Water Service Installation: Water Installation Policy

Water Rates and Billing

Effective 8/1/13


  First 5000 gallons used: $50/minimum
  5001 to 200,000 gallons used: $7.15 per 1000 gallons used
  200,001 to infinity $7.98 per 1000 gallons used



Quarterly Billing Dates


  Bill Date Usage Months
  May 1 January, February, March
  August 1 April, May, June
  November 1 July, August, September
  February 1 October, November, December
  *unpaid balances are levied to taxes during the last week of April



Leak Occurrences

Water leaks in the water transmission mains are the responsibility of the water utility operator – the Village of Naples. Water leaks from the connection at the water main (at the street in most cases) to the users facilities are the responsibility of the property owner. Most leaks are detected by Village personnel during the quarterly water meter reading. These leaks can become very expensive very quickly. It is good preventative practice for property owners to periodically monitor water consumption by checking the meter between readings. Leaks may also occur between the street connection and the meter. These leaks are the responsibility of the owner as well. Failure to repair leaks may result in termination of service. More information can be found in the Water section of the Code of the Village of Naples.